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When someone wants legal advice they go to their Attorney when they want tax advice they go to their Certified Public Accountant when they want advice on real estate they come to me, Your Trusted Real Estate Adviser. I want to develop a life-long, trusting relationships with clients who, like me, hold those relationships in the highest regard. My purpose is to make sure you are so outrageously happy with the service I provide you that you will gladly introduce me to your friends and family because you truly believe they will benefit from my service.
I have completed Quality Service Certified training related specifically to quality service and customer satisfaction. To maintain this certification I am required to meet or exceed a set Customer Satisfaction Rating. I will present you with a signed, written Guarantee outlining the service steps I will be performing as your service provider. Together we will review these steps so you will know what services I provide, and will know what to expect throughout the process.
What I do for you is invest my time consulting, negotiating, and organizing the details of your transaction. I want you to have such a superb experience that you will introduce me to the people you care about the most. The success of my business is referrals, which means I must bring the type of value that makes you feel comfortable introducing me to the people. After all, a referral is sending someone you care about to someone you trust.
Following our Celebration (closing), you will have the opportunity to fill out a survey on my service that becomes part of my record posted on a public website for all to see. The entire survey process is administered by an independent research company and is not conducted by my brokerage. I am among only 1-2% of real estate professionals who are willing to have their customer satisfaction record publicly available.

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