Juliana Blonder

Mobile: (970) 227-0689
Office: 9704821781
Juliana started her professional career after graduating from Colorado State University with a Master’s in Biomedical Science. After working in a reproductive lab, working one on one with people in the community, and helping them through highly emotional and difficult situations, she realized that creating connection and trust with others fills her cup immensely. Having an impact on someone’s life through helping them buy or sell real estate is an honor that she does not take lightly. Juliana is constantly working to stay ahead of the curve by taking part in top tier real estate training courses offered around the country and will always be a lifelong learner. Her ultimate goal is to serve her community through providing education and resources for home buyers and sellers so they can make well informed decisions for themselves and their families. She is a multi-passionate person who values a balance of having the most fun she can with loved ones while providing a 5-star experience for her clients. You will often find her taking part in outdoor activities throughout the year in Colorado. Hiking boots, Chacos, paddles, snowboard boots, snowshoes, cycle shoes, a camel bak; these are all regular items you’ll find in the trunk of her car! She also loves dancing to live music, spending time with her kitty cat, Pickles, and exploring the world with her soon to be hubby, Dan, who is also a residential real estate agent. Living in Fort Collins, Colorado has shaped who she is as a person and what her goals are in life. Serving her community that has given her so much is at the top of that list. Highlighting local businesses that are making a difference is something she is especially passionate about. Local entrepreneurs shape the community and economy and are what make Fort Collins and the Northern Colorado area so special!

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