COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols (These Protocols only apply to interior shoots.) Upon arriving at the Property, our tech will ask the Broker and the Seller (if present) to join us at the front porch in an open-air environment, maintaining a 6-foot distance rule. We will go over the following: 1. Explain what we do and how we generally proceed. A little introduction about our product and what to expect. 2. Protocols until future notice for the safety of all parties;

Our Preshoot Checklist being followed before we show up will be very helpful…

Click Here for Pre-Shoot Checklist

A. We ask that the homeowner have all the lights turned on.

B. We ask for all interior doors other than spring-loaded like the Garage entry door are to be open. This will not include the closet door, please leave them clacked open in approximately 6 so we can see the inside of those areas. We can nug them closed for the shoot when applicable.

C. We will start by entering the house at the completion of this conversation, walking the house with one owner or the Broker of your choice. We find one person makes this easier. As we walk through the house, we will be looking for several things such as but not limited to (a.) Bathrooms (soaps on the countertops)
(b.) Bathtubs should be clean and photo-ready. Kindly clean up the soaps in the tub. (c.) Lights that may be out or missed turning on. (d.) A cup that may have been left from drinking during clean up, Kitchens should be the same. Just overall recommendations for the success of the shoot. We would normally just dig in and make these changes with you or for you. But currently, we will make the recommendations and stand back letting the Broker or Seller do the changes. Please during this portion of the process maintain a 6-foot rule as best as possible. Not to be passing through each other’s air space so to speak. We realized this can be difficult in some areas but we will do our best to maintain this, given a moment to move aside for the next person to complete the task. This portion of the process should not take more than a few minutes approx. 20 at most.

D. Our Tech will have the following on them before entering the house. A disinfectant wipe, two is preferable, or gloves. This is the tech’s choice.

E. Some information on our process, our technicians are taking their temperature each morning, whether or not they are symptomatic or not. Should a tech have any questionable temperature, they will not be at your shoot. Please be patient if we have to call and postponed it during this time. We maintain a great team and ability to maintain a shoot but we are currently booking out each day. By the time of the day of the shoot, we may not have an additional tech to service your project but we will do our very best.

F. We will ask the broker and the homeowner after our walkthrough is complete to designate themselves on a location in the house where they are comfortable and out of the way. This may require them to move once or twice during the shoot. But our tech will be patient and will also let you know when they need them to move.

G. We will use the wipes to wipe off and insulate the tech from any surface they come in contact with.H. Any questions will then be addressed, we understand there are different situations that may need to be addressed, this is the time to ask questions or address those concerns. As the brokers know, we at Realty 360 View have a well-trained staff. Our staff is always naturally partisan, considerate and professional. We are not trying to be overruling or pushy. We appreciate your patience and working through this with us. We are just as concerned as you and care about all parties involved for their well being.

Realty 360 View appreciates your attention to this list and summary of Protocols. If the preparation we recommended in our pre-shoot prep list is followed and accomplished before our arrival, this portion of the shoot will be very quick. Please read the pre-shoot checklist provided via email before each shoot. We will also include and attached this to this protocol list.
Thank you for Choosing Realty 360 View as your choice of Virtual Reality Property Tours company for all your marketing needs